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Rose kitchens Company


It rose kitchens for the manufacture

(of modernkitchens Corporation (KRC

It is an innovative company that specializes in the

manufacture of aluminum kitchens

In Saudi Arabia, the company was founded

Rose kitchens principles of excellence and expertise

Alahbhdv Nqlhnoaah bring in industry

Modern kitchens and through the application of style

.Unique in the industrial high-end kitchens


Through its firm belief in the need to establish a team

Action staff includes talented and distinguished individuals,

The company offers a promise to its customers with their service

Through the deep vision of ways

Manufacturing and implementation and coordination

Almtabkhalhadith, and can provide Khaddmaatmtalh

....Which meet the requirements of all its customers 




The main branch

E-Qassim King Abdulaziz neighborhood-by Montazah

 Emile official of the company:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 0163826365      0163263763   


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