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Rose kitchen has a team of designers Company   

Professionals to achieve Ohalamkm.nhn kitchen offer you

The wide range of kitchen designs to create an angle

Exceptional home in a practical design and a special character.


Our team will help you to choose the best materials with

The perfect colors for Cupboards distinct kitchens.

When it comes to design kitchens, wood or aluminum kitchens,

Our options are limitless.


Types of wood, and the richness of manufacturing, as well as the colors

It will work as a key factor in promoting inner beauty

For your kitchen, which has a stage of perfection when

Interior is performed accurately

: Light colors from the inside ...


Quiet wooden colors from abroad add

Dimension to the areas to look wider.


The open shelves are an ideal solution for places

With limited space ...

The wide open spaces, the dark wood colors

Dress with some of the walls is the solution to optimally

To reduce the remaining space.


It is also contained in the product quality is quality

Specifications, the kitchen and this site is provided by the team

It rose kitchen designers company where it is

Value their advice to clients enabling the implementation of the kitchen

It fits every taste without compromising the basics designs

Including, but not limited to .....


That there is a triangle called the work triangle and this triangle

It should reach the three pillars of the kitchen

(Sink and refrigerator and oven)

With the assurance that the passage of access lines

And out of the kitchen does not interfere with the triangle lines

Work and that the amount of sun light and air

Inside a suitable and healthy ...


It is public information that Saouselha designers team

It rose kitchens Company and of interest to customers that know him

Is that a rose-wood kitchen company which

Characterized by lower and upper cabins of industrial wood

Clothing with melamine, a special wood importer

Kitchens thickness 18 mm his special specifications.

The doors of cabins two types ...


Wooden doors in different colors (the same type of imported wood) ...

And the gates of a Frame aluminum private sector

Company Rose kitchens plated inside and tinted glass

Or fiber material in different colors and thickness of 4 mm.

There are special accessories doors of different hinges by

Model Body and drawers and Bmodellat many different baskets

Private and accessories inside the drawers.


The surfaces and basins are marble and quartz

Higher industrial quality features many distinctive colors

Specifications and technical and environmental and productivity high

Kitchens are tailor Rose kitchens system and accuracy of the above company,

All doors and drawers and accessories, glass shelves and then

Assembly and cleaning in addition to the marble counters and Ogiraalnglev ...


All of the above does not make excellence an option, but a necessity

Because we are 100% committed to achieving the wishes of the customer

Through our products and services of high quality.

Contact us today to learn more about the products and solutions.

If you are planning to re-design or renovate your kitchen,

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:



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